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[sticky post] Now on Fiction Press

As of now, I can also be found on Fiction Press, mostly poems (that aren't part of any of my books) and random drabbles. You can find me here: LadyofWinter.


Who are you?

And who are you, who looks at me
with the eyes of a starving man,
are you simply a hungry human
or a demon waiting for a meal?

The indigo of your eyes blazes
and I feel your deep gaze
following me. What are you?

Man or Monster?

I caught your eye and a smirk blooms,
my breath stuck in my throat
as the sudden need to flee kicks in;
the arrogance I see in you
is unlike any I've seen before
and frightens me.

You wink and I look away,
you're an enigma I dare not chase.
You smile and I steel myself
agaist your natural grace.

For you are something
I dare not chase.

Season of the Wolf

A poem for Sansa Stark

With the swing of a sword my world crumbles before my eyes,
my throat is sore and raw from screams,
and I am left hollowed by the tears that I've shed,
so many, it feels like I have nothing left.

Brother, oh brother, were are you?
the blows that mark my skin are nothing,
for I know that you'll come, I'll be brave for you.
Brother, oh brother, when will you come?

My words are nothing, empty lies to please those around me,
silly chirpings of a bird, as I am told. A bird in a golden cage.
Their victory is written on my skin,
a friendless girl in a vipers pit. I pray, but the gods
seem to have forgotten me.

The crimson cloak upon my shoulders is nothing,
it means nothing to me, my knees will not bend. I am ice,
as hard and as lasting as the Wall. No lion's roar will melt me;
I will not bend nor will I forget nor forgive,
not when their cloak comes with the blood of brother and mother.

They seek to take the Wolf from me, but they can't.
They took my wolf away, but won't take the Wolf out of me,
for the Wolf is me and I am it.
Winter is coming, I feel it in my bones
and winter is the season of the wolf.
Prompt: From @the-story-shards-universe‘s #35.
Words: 267
Summary:  “I was once told that someone would kill for lips like mine.” She leaned over, lips brushing my ear as she spoke. “Would you?”
I was not happy. In fact, I would have jumped at the opportunity to leave the room under any excuse. Being stuck with Sarah was the worst that could have happened to me.

Not because she was annoying or anything of the sort, but because I’d had a crush on her since the first grade.  She was of average height, with grey eyes and chocolate brown hair. With olive skin that seemed to glow with the sunlight.

But now? I wanted out, so badly. She had decided she needed to test my patience by playing seductress.

I wasn’t sure I’d survive the ordeal.

Specially now, as she sat on my desk and smirked like a cat that had had the cream. I didn’t like that smirk at all. And I was thankful that I was sitting, otherwise I’m sure my knees would have given away.

She close the distance between our faces, I didn’t dare to move a muscle.

“I was once told that someone would kill for lips like mine.” She leaned over, lips brushing my ear as she spoke. “Would you?”

I gulped. I took a deep breath and answered as much calm as I could. “No, Sarah, I would not.” I congratulated myself for not stuttering.

Sarah turned to look at me, our faces inches apart as she searched my eyes for anything that would betray me. Then she smiled.

“Of course you won’t. You’re too good. Now, how about we get some coffee, on me.”

Good, coffee I could do. After all, we’d be in public and she’d have to behave, I hoped.

Guess who has a new goal?


Beginning today, I made a promise to myself that I would write a minimum of 100 words daily. Be it in original work or fanfiction, so wish me luck!



I think I'm going to try to develop a new chocolate pudding recipe soon. And if all goes well, it may be convertible into a filling for a chocolate cream pie. And you know what sucks? That I really want to finish the food challenge I set to myself but alas, I have no stove. And I need it :(

On a personal note, I've had some bad days. But I'm not letting myself go. I'm taking everything one day at the time. How's everyone?

And here let me post this song that I haven't stopped listening to:


Anyone interested in a forum?

It would be about TV, Movies, Books and Music. Let me know if you would be.


So an update

As I mentioned previously, I started an exercise routine. I'm happy to report that it's going well. Sure, some parts of me hurt due to my previous lack of exercise, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

And I'm also happy to say that I'm actually starting to look forward the exercises and my walks, I'm not seeing them as a tedious thing, but I'm actually happy to do them.

And lastly, I also cut my hair and dyed it, the color doesn't look like much because my hair is so dark, but I'm happy with the end result.


So, wish me luck.

So after much mental debate (and starting to not fit into my jeans), I have decided that it is about high time I start exercising again. So, what did I do? I got Jillian Michael's DVDs, I've got "No More Trouble Zones", "30 Day Shred", "Killer Buns and Thights", "Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism" and "Kickbox FastFix". And I'm seeing if I can get a hold of "Rockin' Body" by Shaun T.

Why so many? Because I want to change my routine. And cardio is the best way for me, so wish me luck guys, I start on Monday.



How sweet and loving you are,
patience and happiness you bring
woman, mother that you are,
how full of you I am,
for you bring such joy
to my little self.

It didn’t matter the many times
my face hit the floor,
you were there to raise me up
and I carry you in my heart
my dear mother.

You, who took the bread from your plate
and let me have it. I can’t forget
the tears I shed whilst you held me,
I am stronger in your arms,
unbreakable in your love.

Strong and all mighty, like God
you watched over my fragile steps,
now, mother, its my turn to watch over you.
You who watched over my dreams
and fed them, I love you so.

You who wanted me to be the best,
for in your eyes, I always am.


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